Welcome to my “journal” website

I originally built this website and blog to help keep friends and family updated on what’s happening with our busy lives. We had friends and family following the saga of our dogs and wanting regular pupdates, people who wanted to know what was happening with Caleb’s music, and people want to know how we were doing in general. I moved from Michigan and the few people I did keep in contact with wanted to keep up with me.

Building this website also presented me with a cool project. I thought this blog could contain moments big and small, happy and sad, and everything I learned along the way. I can look back on my accomplishments, failures, and personal growth. I could journal my life and have something to look back on years from now.

As a disclaimer for those of you who don’t know: I use a pen name on social media and this blog. Some people have started referring to me as Lynn in real life, which is fine. Lynn is my middle name, and I like it. I’ve actually considered changing my legal name to Lynn. The reasoning for not using my real name online is mostly to keep my ex-husband and certain other people from my past from finding me as easily. I still use my legal name regarding legal stuff when it comes to this blog.


Writing is helping me find my voice and build something good

Writing is helping my mental health, and it’s teaching me to be better at communicating. I’m not the greatest at writing, but I’m practicing every day and using the tools available to help me. Daily writing has made me understand just how important writing is.

As I was writing and building this website, I realized that these are things I can share with a broader audience. Much of what I’m writing is things people find interesting or useful. Not everything on here is going to be useful to everyone, and for some things, you should talk to a doctor rather than copying exactly what I did.

If you browse around this website, you can tell this is a large, ongoing project. It’s a slow build with lots of glitches along the way, but I think it’s going to be something worth the time. I want to build a podcast, YouTube channel, and online store to complement this journal website. If you’re interested in keeping up with everything, feel free to subscribe!